Bomen zijn werkkrachten voor de stad die zorgen voor een gezonde leefomgeving.


Trees in the city are an important link in the quality of the urban environment. The network of trees results in the urban forest and acts as an ecosystem with services. A well-functioning ecosystem consists of natural processes that form dynamic balances that provide resilience, stability and added value for the city.


The Lab wants to collaborate on solutions to optimize the functioning and management of the urban forest. We see trees as ecosystem engineers that need to be used in a smart way to maximize their full potential. We focus on both the above-ground (crown) and below-ground (soil) ecosystems by optimizing the natural processes of both systems.

We are embedded in the college university of VIVES and focused on:
the management of the urban forest
the policy of the urban forest
show the importance of the urban forest


We are in essence a multidisciplinary research group specialized in implementing scientific knowledge into practical tools to the field. But we are atypical because our education and business part is equally important. Our biggest strength? Technical expertise meets passion for trees.

dr. ir. Dieter Anseeuw

hardcore scientist
focused on urban soil ecology


ir. Bregt Roobroeck

team lead stuff and dronefreak
focused on tree policy and management


ir. Kaat Vanhegen

tech wizard and coding
focused on remote sensing


Wim Peeters

tree sensei, specialized in
physiology and VETcert


Ben Bergen

aligning tree worlds in the EU
focused on ETT


Evert Vanneste

spreading the word
aka public relations


Michiel Demeyere

broaden the forest
focused on citizen science